About us

Our community strategy is human-centered & future proof.

Building for the future? Have an audience or customer base but no community? Seeking to become a community-based brand (CBB)? At Communitus, we make community building innovative, relevant, and impactful.

Co-creation is the wave of the future and people are excited to influence how brands will transform overtime. Sustainable value creation is our game and we assess the true needs and desires of your audience to craft an ideal strategy to ignite infectious  loyalty and growth.

The benefits of working with us

Customize with Ease

There's no one-size-fits all approach to building a thriving community. Every client has a unique need and our community audits allow us to determine which magic wand to wave. You'll have what you need to sustain health with or without Communitus.

Diverse Expertise

Whether you're looking for a data whiz to support analytics or a divergent thinker to help with community design & strategy. Our team has a wide range of skills & experiences to tackle all of your community needs.

Friendly Support

We know your time is precious and valuable - we aim to provide timely and reliable support. We meet you where you are...call us beep us, text us, zoom us, visit us...we aim to make your community builiding journey convenient and seamless.

10+ Years of Work Experience
Prior to joining Communitus, our team has acquired
global cross-functional experience from working
for top companies.
Who we are

Goal Focused

Have a North Star? Audacious goals? We work with  a progress-to-goal mindset and prioritize measurable results toward your community's ideal state. We measure what matters - using a Community Return On Investment (CROI) model.

Continuous Improvement

We ensure your community will age like fine wine! We believe community based sustainability and scalability can only be achieved through consistent iteration and maintenance.

Community Speciality Areas



Community Onboarding 

Community Management & Development

Community Research & Analytics 

Community Qualitative/Quantitative Research

Community Satisfaction Assessments

Community Platform Moderating

Community Diversity Equity, Inclusion

Community Mediation & Conflict Resolution

KPI/OKR Goal Tracking



Community Engagement

Community Design & Architect

Community Peer Leadership Programs

Community Program Development

Community Interactive Experiences

Community Experiential Events

Community Environment + Platform

Community Facilitation Procedures



Community Growth (Recruitment + Retention)

Community Education Enrichment

Community Personas & User Journeys

Community Roadmaps & Playbooks

Community Partnerships 

Community Content Creation & Communication 

Community Developer Relations

…and much more!

Our Mission

Decentralize, Power.
Empower Communities.

We are on a mission to empower connections by uplifting the voices of those who seek change and the ability to shape the world around them.

Our clients understand the value of creating and nurturing safe spaces for their users, members, and customers to feel empowered to make decisions regarding the products, programs, and projects they experience.

There is strength in numbers and power in shared understanding.

Our Vision

Foster a Space of Belonging.

We envision a world where anyone no matter their location or interests can discover their perfect community.

Communities offer a safe space to feel seen and heard. We encourage companies and creators to foster a platform for others to explore acceptance and belonging and connect with communities who help shape the best programs, products, and projects.