We offer diverse and solutions-oriented

community specialized


Communitus partners with global brands to launch, nurture, and grow.Whether you're building a community as a business OR creating a community for an existing business...we got your back!

We focus on a wide-range of sectors and specialities including;

- Technology / Web3
- Startups/VCs
- Consumer Brands
- Creator Brands
- Non-Profits
- Government Agencies
- ...and much more!

Community Onboarding & Design

First impressions are crucial! Just getting started or revamping your community processes - we have you covered.

Community Growth

You've mastered a concept and community that is ripe for growth - we provide you the support and strategy for optimal scalability.

Community Engagement

Convert your audience to an active and invested community through engagement methods and experiential events- to ensure the health of your community is thriving!

Community Experiential Events

We have you covered! IRL ...Virtual....Hybrid - we're committed to planning your community events whether annual conferences or monthly activations!

We're a creative and talented team of  

community experts

located worldwide.

We’re here to help BUILD the foundation of your community. Some clients may elect for us to:

Pass the baton to a new FTE recruit OR continue working with us toward the maintenance phase. 

MAINTAIN the health of your community during a transitional period. 

Assess challenges and IMPROVE the health of your community.

Pick your flavor!

A simple, yet effective  

community health



Community Health

At times you may be unaware of what your pain points are...we take time to conduct a thorough audit and properly assess your community health, infrastructure, and much more! Our analysis helps as a guide to revamping your community.


Community Design

We focus on human-centered design and will work to architect an ideal community to meet your members needs and wants. This ranges from determining personas and member journeys.


Community Strategy

We work with you to create a short-term OR long term strategy to help maintain the health and sustainability of your community. We offer you a comprehensive roadmap to navigate you to the next level.

Community Recruitment Support

Looking to Hire?

Looking to hire for a part-time OR full-time role? We can support your search with our recruitment services.

We have a roster of community experts who can support you in-house, full-time or seasonal.

Get in touch if you’re interested in our recruitment services. LFG!

Here are a few roles we can help with:

- Chief Community Officers
- Vice President of Community
-Directors of Community
- Community Managers
- Discord (Community Platform) Moderators
- Community Onboarding Managers

Let's build something great!

We’re here to help! You’ve made a mighty wise decision to prioritize community efforts for your organization. You’re in great company - the most impactful, relevant, and innovative companies have all leveraged the power of community and gained exponential benefits!